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AustClean provides a wide range of home and commercial cleaning services, including interior, exterior, and construction cleans.

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AustClean offer a wide range of interior and exterior cleaning services for your home or office.
Whether it’s a freshen up with a year-round spring clean, or maybe gutter, driveway or window cleaning, no matter how big a job, the friendly team at AustClean will get it done! With over 30 locations across Australia, you’ll find an AustClean near you.


When it comes to professional cleaning, we’re the team you can rely on and trust.

AustClean covers a wide range of home and office cleaning solutions to get your premises feeling like new.



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The first choice in Interior Home & Business Cleaning for Queensland & Victoria

Interior cleaning services to keep your home and office looking spotless.

Austclean offer a wide range of professional interior cleaning services for your home or office.

For any business, your first impression is everything, and this includes the cleanliness of your office. AustClean provide the professional cleaning services to ensure your office looks immaculate and ensures a healthy working environment.
We also provide interior and exterior cleaning services for houses and apartments, from window cleaning and pressure cleaning of your pathways and driveways, through to all your internal cleaning needs.
AustClean are the trusted name in Australia for cleaning services, with over 30 cleaning service locations across Queensland and Victoria.
There is a good chance there is one near you!

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Our Interior Cleaning Services include…

We keep things clean in the bedroom.

Whether to your own bedroom, for your kids, it’s easy to put aside cleaning the bedroom when no one else sees it but you.

But a clean dust free bedroom can create a much healthier environment, which could even lead to a better night sleep. I was playing with wipe down dust your furniture provide a general tidy up and also insure your flooring is clean to give you the best clean bedroom environment possible.

Bring the sparkle back into your bathroom and laundry.

If you are looking for a very clean bathroom with no visible dirt or stains, then you may want to hire a professional cleaner.

Professional cleaners typically use high-quality, germ-free cleaning products and equipment that can clean deep down into the pores of the surface.

Clean and sanitise  bathtubs, shower, shower screen, and recess; scrub and sanitise toilets; polish sinks and taps; clean mirrors and cabinet exteriors; mop and sanitise floor.

Talk to the ‘gleam team’ at AustClean and get your bathroom sparkling clean.

We ensure all your cleaning work is done and dusted.

Whether you need a one off clean, a weekly clean, or a deep clean we can help.

AustClean are the professional cleaning service that can help you get a new look and a fresh feel to your home across Queensland and Victoria.

Cleaning included dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping floors, emptying rubbish bins and cleaning mirrors.

With our cleaning services, you can have your home looking and feeling its best. Our trained and experienced staff will clean your home to the highest standards, and we will ensure that your home is clean, fresh and looking great.

Call AustClean today and see the difference a professioanl interior cleaning service can do for your home or office.

Need Anything Else?

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Deep Cleaning

There are many benefits to professional deep cleaning your home, including the fact that it will make your home look much nicer. Cleaning your home also helps prevent illness because it keeps mold, bacteria, and viruses from growing in your home. Additionally, a clean home is more likely to sell at a higher price. Finally, a clean home is much more comfortable to live in.

Oven Cleaning

The oven is one of the most important kitchen appliances. It can be very difficult to clean the insides of an oven. It can be very hard to remove baked-on food from the oven walls and racks. That’s why it’s best to have a professional clean your oven. We can clean the inside of the oven, including the oven trays and oven racks.

Interior Windows

Austclean is the number 1 choice when it comes to cleaning window interiors, tracks, and windows sills. We provide professional cleaning for domestic, commercial, and industrial window, door, and sills cleaning. We use a unique cleaning process that removes any dirt and grime, leaving your windows looking sparkling clean and hygienic.

Our cleaning process is safe, quick, cost-effective and eco-friendly, and provides a superior service that you would expect from us.

We are able to provide a complete window cleaning service, from exterior cleaning to interior window cleaning, and we are fully insured.

Blind Cleaning

If you’ve got blinds on your windows that need cleaning and talk to the AustClean team about assisting withour additional professional blind cleaning services.

Balcony/Deck/Patio Cleaning

Get your balcony, decor patio ready for summer! Was clean also offer a range of exterior services to get your house looking shipshape for every season.

Garage Sweep & Tidy

Is your garage feeling a little bit neglected? Ask your team if they can assist in helping you tidy your garage with a sweep out and dusting.

Our formula to become Queensland & Victoria’s preferred cleaning service is simple:
We ensure the best possible service for our customers.

Our customers are talking about us…

Ma B
Ma B
Thank you so much Norman & Team (Austclean Caloundra)for your professionalism and fantastic unit clean. You assisted us with advice and provided the best clean that ensured full bond was returned. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to any others in the Caloundra area.
Patricia Bergin
Patricia Bergin
When I enquired Norman was helpful even if he eventually wasn't needed for the job. We employed him. As I was in Melbourne he kept in phone contact and carried out all our requests. Genuine good people skills.
Matt Tucker
Matt Tucker
I highly recommend Austclean, I have them clean my office on a weekly basis and Norman does a wonderful job. Always polite and on time. I also recommend them to any of our landlord and tenants when requiring cleaning services. Over the past few years I have had dealing's with a number of Austclean franchisee's and all have been great.
Shantrel Lindorff
Shantrel Lindorff
We used AustClean when we purchased our home. Our tiled floors had been cleaned by another cleaning company as part of settlement but they were still disgusting. We got AustClean out with their tile and grout floor cleaner to polish our tiles and clean the grout. Our grout went from black to pale grey instantly, they came up amazing. Whilst here, they also cleaned our bathrooms, kitchen/oven without hesitation. Great service, highly recommend AustClean
Matt Elliott
Matt Elliott
Angela and Wayne at AustClean have cleaned my unit for the past four years. They always arrive on time, always most pleasant and always do a great job. I have no hesitation in recommending them. They won't let you down.
Guy Amon
Guy Amon
Got my house cleaned for a Sale inspection, the prompt response and efficient cleaning was done to a much higher standard then I expected and was done for less than I expected too! Would highly recommend to anyone needing any household cleaning done!!! Great Job