8 Upholstery Cleaning Tips to Consider

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Like your clothes and appliances, the upholstery needs to be also maintained to keep it looking new and clean. Below are 8 effective tips on how to properly clean your upholstery.

1. As much as possible, do not expose your lounges to direct sunlight. Its UV rays can break down the chemicals in your furniture and will lead to permanent discoloration. A faded upholstery will not look pleasant in your home and it will be difficult to restore that. Carefully choose a strategic position for your sofa and ensure it doesn’t get a lot of direct exposure.

2. Read the care labels before cleaning your fabric. Its guidelines give you recommendations on the best cleaning procedure for a particular fabric. Some fabrics are ideal for steam cleaning while others need to be dry cleaned. Keep in mind that incorrect cleaning can lead to permanent damage.

3. There are gentler ways to cleaning fabric and scrubbing them isn’t effective as it can deteriorate and damage the fabric permanently. The best way to clean them is by using a soft brush and a towel for removing dirt.

4. Stains should be removed immediately. Read the care label on the recommended treatment for removing stains. Most fabric would require either lukewarm or cold water for removing stains. When dry cleaning, make sure that the stain is already removed. Otherwise, it may become permanent.

5. You should vacuum your upholstery once a week and do it properly. Proper maintenance of your fabric can extend its lifespan. Having them professionally cleaned is even better. They will look and feel like they are new.

6. To avoid browning on your upholstery, dry it quickly after cleaning. Using a hairdryer should do the trick although it may take a while to completely dry the entire furniture. Consider having a professional cleaner as they have a system that will let you use your furniture after only a couple of hours.

7. When cleaning, ensure that the area has good ventilation. Apply a dry cleaning solvent to a clean cloth and gently brush over your upholstery. For areas that are heavily soiled, use a soft brush.

8. Invest in professional upholstery cleaning for proper maintenance. Professional cleaners ensure that your fabric is thoroughly cleaned and protected. Regular maintenance of your upholstery also ensures a longer lifespan.

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