4 Steps for cleaning your fitness business during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way we think about cleaning. Following the safety regulations for running a fitness business is tougher than ever. To keep your business open and safe for your clients to use, there are a few steps you need to take.

1. Learn the Regulations

Fitness centre cleaning has taken on an entirely new meaning in the wake of COVID-19. Not only does it still include the strict cleaning regimen as before, but there are also now additional levels of disinfection to attain to keep your fitness business running. Add to that the government regulations and recommendations regarding social distancing and you need to update your education.

To make certain your fitness business meets the necessary standards for safety. Along with some local and state government requirements, can teach you what rules you need to follow to keep your business open and safe. Austclean offers you the information and services you need to ensure your business stays clean and safe for everyone.

2. Plan Your Attack

One thing you should understand is the difference in levels of cleanliness: cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing. This will help you properly protect your clients and employees.

Austclean takes the guesswork out of determining which areas take priority in the fitness centre cleaning process. They can clarify your path to ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting of your fitness business. Your cleaning strategy should remain flexible since the regulations could change as time passes.

3. Choose Approved Supplies

Keep a good inventory of the right cleaning supplies on hand before you open to the public.

Your fitness business will require a wide range of supplies to keep COVID-19 from spreading. Examples include hand soap, hand sanitiser, personal protective cleaning tools, disposable sanitizing wipes, and gloves for cleaning. You will also need to outfit your business with soap and sanitiser dispensers, no-touch trash cans, and other necessary equipment.

4. Employee Training & Client Communication

Before you open, your staff should be thoroughly trained in proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Explain the importance of following safety protocols, for themselves and others.

You must also communicate the new rules and regulations with your patrons. Each customer should be contacted by email, social media, or upon arrival at your business.

For reliable fitness centre cleaning that you can trust, contact Austclean. Austclean experts provide a thorough cleaning service for fitness businesses, including fogging. We are a highly recommended service in Queensland and Victoria, providing professional cleaning services to help eradicate the spread of COVID-19.

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