Keeping your home safe from COVID-19

During this pandemic, not only should you know what to do to protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus when you are out and about or at work, but you also need to know what to do to protect yourself at home. Your home is a sanctuary from the outside world, so it only makes sense to ensure that you remain safe, even from viruses, within its walls.

What You Can Do

You’ve learned how to protect yourself in public and at work (if you worked during the height of the pandemic) by wearing masks and social distancing. At home, you don’t need to wear a mask or social distance, but there are still steps you can take, such as:

Don’t Touch Your Face

Avoid touching your face as much as possible. This includes your mouth, nose, eyes, chin, forehead, and cheeks. If your hair is in such a way that’s causing you to touch your face, then it would be best to either comb or pull it back so it stays away from your face.

Ventilation And Purification

Open your windows or adjust your air conditioner settings to increase ventilation. Opening your windows will replace any air that’s possibly contaminated with a virus with cleaner air. An air purifier, such as one with a HEPA filter will clean your air by filtering out viruses as well as pollen, mold, bacteria, and outdoor pollution.

Leave Your Shoes At The Door

Unsurprisingly, our shoes come into contact with a lot of contaminants that we bring into our homes, such as lead. This is why it’s generally recommended to leave shoes at the front door whenever we come inside. Leaving your shoes at the door lessens the chances of spreading the virus inside.


Be sure to sanitise commonly touched items such as railings, knobs, phones, and other electronic devices. This would also include handles on the refrigerator, oven, sinks, and windows.

Wash and Disinfect What Comes In

While you’re supposed to rinse non-packaged and packaged produce, continue to do so. Also, wipe down canned food with disinfectant. Remove food from packaging and dispose of extra packaging. If you get food from takeout, remove it from the container and relocate to a plate.

If you’re uncertain how well you are cleaning and sanitising your home during this pandemic, give AustClean a call. We can accommodate all your cleaning needs whether it’s residential or spring cleaning. Contact us today or book a free quote with AustClean.

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